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Originally Posted by HomeFish View Post

Total Sox move here. Rather than bringing in outside expertise and best practices from a top organization like Houston, promote somebody from within the organization. I'm sure the other people interviewed for the role were D'Angelo Jimenez and Herbert Perry.
I agree in general about the Sox having blinders to outsiders, but Menechino had some strong recommendations from players he helped in Charlotte. I liked him as an under-the-radar prospect, once upon a time, because he had an OBP over .400 everywhere he went in the minors. Then he managed a career .358 in the majors. I'm willing to give him a chance to teach that...

Also, per mlbtraderumors, "Menechino served as the Marlins’ assistant hitting coach from 2014-16 before being promoted to their lead hitting coach in 2017-18. He also spent five years as a hitting coach in the Yankees’ farm system before being added to the Marlins’ big league staff."