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Originally Posted by DonnieDarko View Post
I hate to make the comparison, but I don't remember Buehrle having "great movement" on anything but his curveball really. He was also a soft-tossing control pitcher, that, if he didn't have his cutter on that given day, would get hit hard by righties. Going for him, Quintana throws slightly harder than I remember Buehrle throwing at the same age...and he's also still young for a pitcher. If I remember my baseball knowledge right, pitchers usually don't start to really figure stuff out until they're around 27-28 or so...and Quintana is just 23.

I will say that my dad has said that Buehrle was both the best defensive pitcher and smartest pitcher that he's seen since Greg Maddoux, and the best he's seen on the White Sox since Billy Pierce (who was also a soft-tossing lefty?). So Quintana has a high bill to live up to.

Basically what I'm trying to say is have a little faith. I know you have a bad feeling about the guy, but have a little faith. The guy is still baseball young and will have his challenges. What he has shown me so far I like: he's got a lot of guts for a guy his age, and when he's got his control he's pretty good. If his control is off that day, he's shown the ability to limit the damage and at least save the bullpen from having to cover too many innings. I remember two games specifically where this happened--one of them was against the Yankees I'm pretty sure--where he didn't have his control at all during the first two innings or so and got absolutely hammered, but was able to end up going 6-7 innings and help get the team the win.

It remains to be seen if Quintana can fully grasp the strategy side of pitching, but if he does I think he's got a good chance of becoming at the very least serviceable. And honestly, with what he throws and how he throws it, he's going to have to do it eventually if he wants to last in MLB.

Also for the record, I'm not high on Santiago. Sure, he's got a good changeup and a decent fastball and is left-handed...but if his out pitch--that changeup--isn't working...which seemed to happen quite often last season...then it's a struggle for him to get people out. At least Quintana can do it more reliably when in trouble.

I also want to point out something I think is important about Quintana: last year between the minors and the majors the guy threw 185 IP, the most he's done in his professional career. So yes, I think that he got tired toward the end. If he can even flirt with giving the White Sox 200 IP every year and give a .500 effort or even a bit better? I'll take that out of a 5th starter any day at the very least.
I hope you are right, but Buehrle did have really good movement, and he also had pinpoint control. He also knew how to pitch out of jams. Buehrle is a special kind of pitcher in that he was always going to give up about the same, if not higher, hits than innings pitched, but still succeed. He was comfortable pitching with men on base. He is a fantastic pitch to contact pitcher. He grasps that if he throws a certain pitch in a certain location, the hitter won't do a ton with it.

Quintana, he relies more on deception a little bit. That said, I agree he is still learning how to pitch. Hopefully I am wrong, I would love to be.

Also, with Santiago, do not discredit his screwball. He is still learning to harness that pitch, but if he does, its going to be an out pitch.
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