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1) In my lifetime the Blackhawks ownership was probably the worse Chicago ownership of the 5 major Chicago teams. I remember in the 1960's when the Blackhawks had Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita and sold out every home game with 16,666 customers. The Blackhawks owner (Arthur Wirtz) was so cheap and greedy he would only have the 2nd and 3rd periods of every home game on radio. He wouldn't put the 1st period on radio. He thought it would hurt the home attendance. He also commited one of the great blunders in Chicago sports history by not resigning Bobby Hull. It took many years for the Blackhawks to recover from not resigning Bobby Hull.
2) To change the subject, there's a new book out called White Sox Heroes. Its about the players who played for the White Sox in the 1960's. The author is Carroll Conklin. I'm not familar with the author but just skimming through the book he talks about some forgotten White Sox stars from that era. I'm sure older White Sox fans will like the book. Reading about the White Sox players from the 1960's sure beats watching the present 2013 White Sox.
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