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No one will like this answer - even I don’t like it - but I think that we’ll finish below .500 this year, within 5 games of .500 in 2020, and then start being consistently above .500 and competing for the division in 2021.

It’s not so much blind faith or rose colored glasses that guides my thinking, but rather knowledge that:

1. Each time the JR ownership/management group has undertaken a full-scale honest rebuilding effort (2014-2015 doesn’t count because, as Tragg correctly points out, that rebuild was short-circuited), they have built a winner. The late 80s rebuild laid the foundation for the 1990-1996 sustained run of success, and the late 90s rebuild laid the foundation for the 2000-2008 run of success.

2. Despite the injuries delaying the timeline we fans have created/expected, I still think the Sox have assembled a very good stable of prospects that should both fill out a big chunk of a roster, and should provide enough surplus at some positions to trade to fill whatever holes remain.

3. I think the group of Marco Paddy, Chris Getz, and Nick Hostetler, is the best triumvirate of talent evaluation/development staff we have had since Larry Himes. I think the major league scouting operation leaves a lot to be desired, however.

4. If Rick Renteria bombs out as manager, the Sox have a window of opportunity to hire Omar Vizquel (before someone else hires him), and I think he would make an excellent manager, and in particular could be well positioned to continue to help Moncada, Anderson, and Madrigal grow both defensively and at the plate.

(If I were “dictator of the Sox” and had a fat checkbook, I would hire Vizquel as my manager, make Darrin Jackson my outfield/baserunning/1B coach, move Farmer to radio color analyst, hire AJ Pierzynski to join Stone and Benetti in the TV booth, hire a professional radio PBP announcer, hire the best analytics department money could buy, and implement an organization-wide state-of-the-art food, nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness program.)
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