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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Funny, isn't it, that two blown saves in June can sound such panic alarms?

Crain is actually a good trade candidate because he is doing so well this season, and he is off to free agency. He doesn't have any saves this year, but I imagine teams would look at him and say he could save games if used with a close lead in the ninth. He does have four career saves. I imagine teams would like to have him.

I'm not sure what his value would be, but it's probably the highest among relievers on the Sox staff. He has never pitched as much as 80 innings in a season. Small injuries have played a part, contributing to his downtime. Even if he stays healthy, he may only have 50 good innings left in him this year. Teams probably aren't going to go beyond the talent they believe 40 or 50 good set-up innings are worth. He might garner a good prospect. But I'm guessing that if Crain is traded, the result will have fans and the media complaining that management are idiots because they didn't get more.
Boston may take the approach that they can sign him beyond this season if they are interested. That may not help the White Sox though in getting a better prospect for him.
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