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Originally Posted by balke View Post
Sometimes you have to lose players in a trade for the greater benefit. You need value to get value.

I'm just wondering what this team wants to do going forward. I think we saw the peak of potential. If they want to get better - they might just want to get more pitching and build toward the future of Sale/Danks/Peavy/X/Quintana.

Rios is possibly at the highest value he'll ever be. Viciedo is young - but replaceable as far as outfielders go. I say move whoever - been sick of this team for a while. The Dunn era is a joke.
I am not saying that the White Sox should trade Dayan but I pretty much agree with your sentiment here. If I am Rick Hahn the only guy I wouldn't consider trading is Sale (though if for some reason the Angels wanted to trade Trout for Sale I would do that in heartbeat! )

Go Sox!!!