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Originally Posted by blandman View Post
2B is more of a fundamental position, with lots of short range throws and receptions..
I completely disagree with this assessment of the second base position compared to third base. I'd rather have the plus arm at 2b for three reasons. First, IMO, the throw from the second basemen when he is on the grass behind 2b and moving directly away from 1st base is probably the toughest throw an infielder can make. Secondly, the second basemen turns the majority of double plays, I want a cannon making those throws. Lastly, the second basemen makes nearly all the relay throws from the OF to thirdbase and around half of those to home. Again, I want a cannon. Sure, the throw from deep at the third base line requires a good arm, but most of the throws a thirdbasemen makes he has momentum towards first and those throws from the third base line are less frequent than those throws from the second basemen.
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