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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post

Ah, the hyper-extremism. Welcome back to the fray, munch.

I've been reading on these boards (and been party to some of it), people complaining that the Sox were about to drive off a talent cliff and head to 100-loss abyss. Maybe that will happen. Maybe it will not. But I do know they will have $33 million in payroll coming off the books following 2013 and potentially another $42 million coming off after 2014. That's a lot of payroll flexibility for a guy who was a consensus top GM prospect to work with to start his tenure. So I'm not going to worry too hard about things.
Yeah but who's our core? Even if Sale's arm doesn't explode, after this year we've got very little to build around. People keep pointing at guys like Dayan and Flowers, but that's just absurd. There's not one scout right now that thinks either of those guys is going to be a star (and in Dayan's case, there never was one outside of the White Sox organization). What happens if we DO go out and lose 100 games. Or even 90 games. What young stars are we going to sign with a record like that? What young stars are we going to trade for with a bereft minor league system? Things could get bleak in a heartbeat. I don't want to go back to being horrible every year.