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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
He put up an .848 OPS last year, .822 the year before that and .927 in 2009. High end utility? He would be the best player on the White Sox.
In the sense he can cover a multitude of positions, Zobrist is a utility player. A very good utility player who should be playing 150 games a season.

I'd love to see him in a Sox uniform. Could use him as the fourth OFer, DH him against lefties and plug him for the various infielders. He could get 40 starts at DH, 40-50 in the OF, and plenty of starts in the infield to get him to 150, especially with Konerko presumably needing more time off over the next couple years. He'd move Wise into a more appropriate position of a late game sub and still allow the Sox to carry him as a 5th OFer where I think he would add a lot of value in that role. If guys like Beckham and Viciedo hit at a level where they should be starting 150+ games, you could just plug him in at third full time and move Keppinger into the utility role. This guy would be perfect fit, you could move him all around the lineup as needed as well.
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