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Originally Posted by dickallen15 View Post
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The lower ticket prices are a great start but my question is how long are they going to hold their entire fan base responsible for the actions of a drunken father and son ten years ago? Can't they come up with some sort of system to allow ALL of your customers to enjoy the ENTIRE ballpark? Instead of making half your customers feel like second class citizens why not allow everyone to enjoy the statues, hall of fame, etc. Why continue to limit the fan experience for your law abiding, rule following fans because of your own past security short comings?
They fixed it. Shell out $20 for an outfield reserve ticket and you will have lower deck access.
How is telling fans to quit complaining and buy outfield reserved tickets going to help the Sox sell more upper deck seats? There aren't enough outfield reserve seats to solve the Sox attendance problem.

I really don't know if the upper deck quarantine policy is really a big factor in ticket sales, but maybe it's time that the Sox took a closer look at it. My guess is that it's not the main reason people avoid the UD, but it probably doesn't help. It's likely just one more thing that feeds into the bad perception the UD has even if people up there seldom venture downstairs.

I personally don't have a problem with going to some games with nice seats in the upper deck and staying there. But if the point of this discussion with Sox management is to brainstorm for ways to improve ticket sales and the fan experience, I sure the hell hope their response isn't just to tell people to stop complaining and by outfield seats if they don't like it.
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