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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
The Sox have made an effort to improve things on the upper deck concourse, but it's just not the same experience.

IMO the whole Ligue thing was an excuse by the team to separate the park into areas for different classes of fans, which was extended by the scout seats claiming the best seats in the park (and the hall of fame), and the gangstering of the outfield fan deck for day of game rental after one season.

And yes, I've complained to my ticket rep about such things time and time again, so it's obvious to me that these concerns by everyday fans are being ignored.
I know it has been brought up before but the problem is that many fans would buy an upperdeck ticket and hang out in the lower deck and concourse. For those who spent good $ on their lower deck seats they were left to deal with an overcrowded lower deck concourse and ridiculous lines for the bathrooms. The reality is that there is still a good % of fans who don't like the upper deck experience and would rather stand in the lower deck or sit in open LD seats as opposed to sitting in the seats they bought in the UD. I think the Sox did the right thing by allowing UD season ticket holders the right to access the lower deck but if you allow anyone who bought a single game UD ticket to overcrowd the bathrooms etc than you ruin the experience of people who spent the money to sit in the LD. There is still a bad perception problem with many fans about the UD. I have heard people say they feel like they are watching other people watch the game while sitting up there. It appears to be a bigger issue at USCF than other stadiums with equally higher upper decks (Cleveland for example)
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