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Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
Brian said AJ was one of the best offensive players at his position this year in the AL. Only Mauer was better. That doesn't mean I think he (AJ, not Brian) deserves the GG, I don't. But, as said, it's a good reason why he was named a finalist.
And I added on to what he said by simply stating there are better catchers than A.J in that list. Which there is. Chavez the last year he won it didn't deserve it Crede did. But Chavez is the sexy pick. Cano is the Sexy pick at 2nd Base even though IMO he's not the best defensive 2nd baseman this year. Russell Martin and or Matt Weiters will most likely get it due to name recognition and past history. Let's face it the Sox aren't or never will be a marquee team. For some reason the national media considers the Sox lower then the Pirates and Rockies. That is what really is going to hurt his chances IMO.
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