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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
Pirates, Padres, Cubs, Twins, Red Sox, and Marlins are in the top ten (60% of the top ten for those of you keeping score at home). All had losing seasons last year (if the Red Sox have such a great farm system, why did they not have the horses to replace the injured players?). I only ignored the cherry picking.
Actually the Red Sox had extensive injuries last year. At one point, they had 4 outfielders on the DL. That was after they traded their top outfield prospect before the season in Josh Reddick for a closer and Ryan Sweeney. The closer, Andrew Bailey did not return till late summer from a spring injury and Sweeney started as the 4th outfielder and went down with an injury for an extended period as well. Tough to find that many replacements in the minors.
I see them a lot and they have been pretty successful in getting production when they call up a player. Now they do spend money at the AAA level by signing some ML vets to go along with their young prospects. Notice Theo contunued the same signing Lillibridge and McDonald to AAA contracts.
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