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One of my major beefs with sports radio hosts if their constant penchant for labeling all comments on a player as extreme. Back in the day, if a caller said they liked what Podsednik was bringing to the line up, they would be ridiculed for “wanting to put him in the Hall Fame!” Express concern over a player and you want to “designate him for assignment!”

So with that out of the way...of course I don’t think Moncada should be judged until at least a full season of AB’s. But...

I feel this franchise has been snakebitten the last decade or so. Moves that - at the time - seemed good to-great-to at least-serviceable on paper blew up in our faces in spectacular fashion.

The Danks contract.

So many more.

Moncada by all accounts is as close to a can’t miss prospect as they come. And, were I a betting man, I would wager he becomes a cog on a Championship team.

But I’d be lying if I wasn’t worried - as irrational as that may be. Worried because of the ghosts of White Sox past. Worried at all the strikeouts. Worried that my “excitement” over his at bats has now morphed into casul concern.

Annoyed that for ****ing one time we can’t have the young hotshot talk-of-the-game superstar actually producing at the major league level

I know I’m nuts, but maybe that’s what being a fan of this team the last ten years does to you.