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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
Odds are still very long on Laz Rivera ever making any sort of impact in the majors. We're looking at a 23/24 year old hitting well in A ball, there's nothing overly remarkable about that. If he keeps raking in A+, then it's time to take notice. Otherwise, it's just a nice "Kid living his dream" fluff piece on a blog somewhere.

From a historical perspective, there have been 40 players taken at the 837th pick in the history of the draft, none have ever made the major leagues and only 6 have made it to AAA.
I get what you're saying and I agree we shouldn't pencil in Rivera for anything - especially after only a few games in High A ball. But that's a misleading stat.

To clarify, you're saying that no one picked EXACTLY at #837 has ever made it to the majors. There have been players picked later than this who have made it. Heck there's one guy on our current 25-man who was picked 915th overall and has had a decent MLB career. Another guy drafted vert late by the Sox had his number retired last year.

There are others to:

....and I know you'll say that chances for late round guys making it to the majors are astronomical - and you'd absolutely right. But, it's not "never".