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Originally Posted by Briro2019 View Post
I have no idea why people think Hahn is not doing a good job. His rebuild has been excellent. He did what he needed to do and now its on the players. Yes he has made mistakes but everyone does.
Well he's been in charge for 6 years and not a lot to show for it.
But, to be brief:
1)Abruptly stopping the retooling that had started in December 2013. We would have seen a Brewers/Rays/As rebuild had it succeeded. I don't know that it would have, but it was off to a very good start (bringing in Eaton and improving 10 games in one season). And when they stopped it to "go for it", the team improved only marginally at a long-term cost.
2)The debacle of June 2016 is unforgivable to me.
3)Getting virtually nothing out of any secondary trades in the current rebuild. All of the successful retoolers and 3-year rebuilders got some important hits in these trades.
4)Consistently poor evaluation of veterans (FAs and players traded for) throughout Hahn's tenure. That will matter in a year or so and I don't see it suddenly changing.
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