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Originally Posted by LITTLE NELL View Post
Mark might get in if he gets to 200 wins +, the perfect game and the other no hitter will help. With pitchers starting less games every year, 200 wins might be the new 300. In fact I don't know if we will ever see another 300 game winner in MLB. With pitchers starting every 5 games it's tough to get to 300 wins. Another reason is pitchers are pulled after 100 pitches, so say in a tie game where they might have a chance to win, most of the time they are taken out of the game because of pitch count.

If any White sox pitcher belongs in the HOF, its Billy Pierce.
All this WAR stuff and other stats except for W-L and ERA have to take a back seat to how a player performed in his era. Pierce was one of the top pitchers in the 50s, he started 2 All-Star games and made 7 All Star teams. He won 20 games twice. in my mind only Warren Spahn and Robin Roberts were better in that era. I don't think Whitey Ford was better, put Pierce on the Yankees and Ford on the White Sox and Billy is in the HOF as we speak.

Im with you all the way on this. I guess Buehrle has a chance if he pitches many more years, gets a lot more wins, sniffs a couple cy youngs and makes more all star teams. Pierce deserves it now, yesterday and did 40 years ago. Billy is such a nice guy, it would be so great if he could get in while he is still with us so he could enjoy it.
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