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Originally Posted by Mr. Jinx View Post
I would imagine it won't effect food prices. The number of people who don't go to games because concession prices are too high is surely far less than the number who don't go due to the price of tickets or parking.
I remember reading a letter to the editor of one of the Chicago papers back in the mid-1960s complaining about the price of concessions at a White Sox game. The menu was more limited in those days, but as I recall it was 25 cents for pop and 40 cents for a hot dog. The author of the letter didn't like it, because the going price elsewhere for a cup or bottle of pop was 10 cents and a hot dog was less than 40 cents. The numbers seem comically small now, but in comparision the ballpark prices were way high.

Concessions will always be a big profit center at a ballgame, just like it is at a movie theater. I'm happy the Sox have encouraged tailgating before the game since that usually saves me big money on ballpark food and drinks.

Back on topic, the ticket-price changes are a great move! Now the Sox need to trumpet the fact that they've reduced prices 25-30% while the Other Team has reduced prices 2%, and that after a 101-loss season!
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