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Great news and hopefully just a start, as referenced by Brooks.

I don't think the Sox will be able to appreciably slash payroll next year no matter what, other than not resigning Peavy, AJ, and Youkilis (and of those 3 I'm pretty sure AJ is the only one I would be interested in for about 2/8-10M.) Could mean trouble with resigning Floyd, which might not be a mistake either.

I'm much less interested in what the Sox total payroll is in the future than I am about them getting value for that payroll. When your payroll is $90-100M, you can afford about one mistake, not five or six.

Is there any confirmation on the previously mentioned $10 parking on Sundays? That would be HUGE for me as I am an out-of-town fan who brings my family a few weekends a year for Saturday night/Sunday afternoon games.

This will also mean that walk-up sales will start back up- I am so glad I don't have to do research on the internet or find deals on stubhub to get tickets that are priced appropriately. If I can walk up the ticket gate on the day of a game and get a $20 or $7 ticket and not have to pay Ticketmaster fees? Wow.
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