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Here's a good column on Dunn's performance over the past two years in comparison to his salary.

Originally Posted by mzh
It's hard to believe that after 2010, the Thome fiasco, and all the bitching and moaning about how Ozzieball and rotating DHs don't work in the American League, this fanbase is complaining about a guy who's done nothing but put up 40 HR and 100 RBI for his entire career, 2011 excepted.
To be fair, why would the fanbase care about Dunn's accomplishments prior to 2011? He could have been Babe Ruth through 2010, but that has no bearing on what he's done over the last two years or what he'll do in 2013 & 2014. Over the last two years, he hasn't been worth the $26 million he's been paid (really, not even close), and the prognosis does not look good for the next two years at $30 million.