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Fangraphs leaving Cease off strikes me as odd. I also think they have allowed their "decision" that Collins will end up at first base to dictate what they calculate will be his future value. It's possible that Collins could end up at first base, but it's still equally likely he'll be a starting catcher. We don't know for sure, and I imagine that even the Sox don't know for sure (although they are trying very hard to work with him to get him to stick behind the plate).

Based on my admittedly limited review, it appears that Fangraphs is trying to arrive at projected WAR in an effort to be more "objective" or data-driven by reducing uncertainty beyond which that can be quantified. On the other hand, MLB Pipeline is based more on scouting reports and is more comfortable with leaving many questions unanswered.

So, according to their methodology to determine rankings, Fangraphs has to "decide" that Collins will be moved to first base, and then tries to project/calculate his value. On the other hand, MLB Pipeline says (for instance), "he ultimately might not stick at catcher, but the Sox continue to develop him at catcher in the hopes that he can stick there."
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