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From the MLB roster really only Bummer, Colome and Marshall have value at this point. Moving them in a package that doesn't yield a very quality long term piece doesn't make sense to me, not to mention depleting a pen that already has holes.

I really want to hold on to Stiever as he might actually be MLB ready come Aug and the Sox could really use a guy that doesn't have an injury history, and throws hard with plus secondary stuff that doesn't have control issues. He was found money last year, but his stuff backs up his performance for sure.

I think selling high on Collins makes sense now, if the Sox can land a controllable RF or SP in the package.

Other prospects to look to move for a RF or SP should be Sheets, Basabe, Rutherford, Gonzalez, Adolfo, Pilkington, Bush, Beard, Yolbert Sanchez, and all of the potential closer/back end relievers in the minors.

Not untouchable guys are Walker, Thompson, Dalquist, Lambert.
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