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Originally Posted by Heffalump View Post
Maybe there are some facts missing, like the number of days actually worked in NV is de minimus, but this overall conclusion is wrong.
No, it's not wrong. As an employer who sends employees to work jobs in other states, our employees pay state of Illinois taxes - per Illinois - because the work is for an Illinois employer. Traveling doesn't change that. It would be different if we had an office in the other state, but we do not. As far as the government is concerned, they're working for an Illinois business so Illinois state taxes are paid.

I myself also travel for work quite a bit (especially to Vegas). I still pay Illinois income tax regardless of where I am located on any given day. Because I'm being payrolled from an office in Illinois.

Here's an example that should make this a bit more clear. If you're sent to Vegas (where there is no income tax) to attend a work conference...does your employer not withhold state taxes on the days they send you? You are working...