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Originally Posted by TomBradley72 View Post
I didn't say you said that

I think that middle infield defense has the risk of being the equivalent of Alan Bannister and Jorge Orta - and possibly getting into Moncada's head and impacting his offense- it sure would produce some incredible offense- Id rather see them focus the money/energy on solving our real problems- RF and starting pitching.
The only reason I brought up Rendon was because none of the RF options would have that type of positive impact on the lineup.

I want nothing at all to do with Marcell Ozuna, Nick Castellanos is more of a DH than an OF, and most of the trade options are 1-year rentals who shouldn’t preclude a Rendon signing anyway.

If they were willing to move Moncada back to 2B to accommodate Manny Machado at 3B, then that same willingness should be extended to accommodate Rendon.

Is starting pitching a higher priority? Of course. Unfortunately, Wheeler is a Phillie now; and it looks like the Yankees, Dodgers, and Angels are all competing for Cole and Strasburg. My guess is that the Yankees land Cole, the Angels land Strasburg, and the Dodgers sign Bumgarner after missing out on both the big fish. At that point, all you’re left with is Ryu and back-end arms. At that point, may as well go hard after Rendon with the Machado money.
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This is the major leagues so get it how you live and let’s fight tomorrow.