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Originally Posted by MRKARNO

It seems like a lot of people "in the know" about the White Sox farm system believe that Young will turn out to be at least a decent major leaguer. He hasn't shown up on many prospect lists, but is it possible that he ends up outshining at least one of the brighter stars of Brian Anderson or Ryan Sweeney? I think we'll find out this year if Young really has the potential to be a solid major league center-fielder. It really doesnt take a big bat to land in center. He knows how to take a walk, but he also strikes out way too much. If he could just lower his strikeouts he would be a lot better, but 145 in 465 at bats is just waaay too many. The 66 walks were nice, but he has to cut down on those K's. 24 homers is pretty darn good at 21 years old, especially considering he had only 465 at bats.

What does everyone else think about Young?
Adam Dunn lite type hitter in center sounds like fun. Then again Adam was in MLB at 21 while Young is at A.
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