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Originally Posted by palehozenychicty View Post
Of course you want power in that role. But there was VERY little out there who would supply that wish.

RV is walking through the door, but not on the diamond.
Yeah, this year's FA 3B class was very weak which is why we did ok with Keppinger considering what was out there. I wasn't advocating for Mark Reynolds or anything. You just don't want to go back to what happened in 2010 where we got out slugged in our own ballpark. We would have likely needed to part with Floyd (or more) to get a quality 3B who could do everything. As I said, if Keppinger gives us 7-10 HRs, I'll be satisfied with his power output considering how he handles the bat and hits for contact.

Originally Posted by Shingo10 View Post
I just hope no one seriously thinks that guys are going to hit 5-7 more home runs a year because they play at the Cell anymore. Not saying you do but after hearing it about Dunn, Rios, Teahen, pretty much every batter the Sox have traded for the last couple years I've grown weary of it. Doesn't seem like it makes all that much of a difference to be honest.
I agree with you that our ballpark being a pure "launching pad" is a bit overblown. It's really only that way from mid June through late August. In April and May when it is chilly, the ball does not carry well at all. However, there is no question that The Cell gives up its share of cheapies in the warm months, especially in the corners. I'm not sure what part of the field Keppinger likes to hit to, but it isn't out of the question that he adds a *few* to his HR total during the hot days at The Cell that he otherwise wouldn't have gotten. You are correct that it would definitely be a mistake to assume he'll start cranking out 20HRs now just because he is in our ballpark.
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