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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
LOL, people still use ERA. That's adorable!

Reed has a 1.7 WAR, 46th best of all 336 pitchers who have thrown a pitch in the AL and 13th best in the league for relievers...

1) Uehara, Boston - 3.3 WAR
2) Nathan, Texas - 2.7
3) Crain, Sox/Rays - 2.4
4) Robertson, NYY - 2.3
5) Smyly, Detroit - 2.2
6) Holland, Kansas City - 2.2
7) Medina, Seattle - 2.1
8) Cotts, Texas - 2.1
9) Benoit, Detroit - 2.1
10) Torres, Tampa Bay - 1.9
11) Rivera, NYY - 1.9
12) Cook, Oakland - 1.8
13) Reed, Sox - 1.7

By my count, there's only 2 names on that list ahead of Reed who have been closers for the full season and, I think 2 others who have done it at some point in the year.
You should still use ERA. Along with everything else. Of course a decent to good reliever can see his ERA blow up in 1 or 2 bad outings. I'd venture to say I've spent more time on this than at least 90% of hard core baseball fans and they have reconfigurated the various WARs so many times I now find it amusing. I still haven't met anyone who can show me how to calculate WAR like you would say BA or ERA. As for Reed, I think I value him less than you apparently do and more than captain54. I'm not sure that he will ever be an elite closer.
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