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Originally Posted by doogiec View Post

Bill's widow, Mary Frances, was also presented with a World Series ring in 2005.
I was not aware of that. That was very classy of Jerry Reinsdorf to do that.

I never cared for Einhorn at all. When he and JR first bought the Sox, Einhorn seemed like the face of the organization and he turned me off with his demeanor and his blundering decisions, especially the whole Sportsvision pay-TV fiasco. While I have criticisms with JR on some ways he runs the organization, I also see his good points and he seems like he's genuinely a good guy and a gentleman. Although I've never met the man and I'm only going on my perception of him from what I've seen and heard, Einhorn always seemed like somewhat of a jerk to me and I'm glad he took a back seat to JR in running the organization.
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