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Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Honestly, this would be the worst PR disaster and most boneheaded financial move in professional sports history if the Cubs were to move from their storybook ballpark in the heart of the City to some vacant lot out in Rosemont next to the Tollway. As a Sox fan, I'm on my knees praying that this is true and that the City of Chicago tells Ricketts to kiss ass and move.

From a logistical standpoint, this new site wouldn't be COMPLETELY removed from public transportation (looks like there's a Metra line there), but for all practical purposes, they might as well relocate to Rockford. The neighborhood around this site would be more barren than USCF.

Can't believe this is "real" leverage, and I hope the City doesn't take these clowns seriously, and on the same front I hope the Ricketts are 100% serious. Hilarious concept.
I may be the only person in the world praying harder than you as a Sox fan who lives next door to the Wrigleyville area; the Cubs disappear from the public eye AND they get out of my hair? Christmas come early for me!!!

Originally Posted by Brian26 View Post
Isn't Depaul basketball looking to move games back to the city? If the Cubs move to Rosemont, the City can tear down Wrigley so a new basketball arena can be built @ Clark & Addison for the Blue Demons. It's a win-win.
Yes, which should be evidence enough if anyone thinks the Ricketts are really taking this seriously. DePaul is desperately trying to get out of Rosemont. The only sports team in Chicago that could even possibly seriously consider a move to the burbs is maybe the Bears, who only need to pack a stadium 8 to a max 11 times per year, and then almost exclusively on the weekends.

Originally Posted by DSpivack View Post
The Bulls really offered the UC for a decade, rent-free?!
Yes, the idea, IIRC, is that a new DePaul stadium would be competition for concerts and other events at the UC.

Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
The rosemont station at river road on the blue line is not that far from this proposed location. I bet not much further than the green line stop from Sox park.
First off, it's probably double the distance and second, it's not exactly an environment that encourages walking; I don't know if you've ever seen River Road through Rosemont, but it's basically a freeway that doesn't even have sidewalks for most of it. I'm sure they'd need to run shuttle buses back and forth.

Oh, and the Metra line that runs that way doesn't currently have service on weekends.


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