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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Im with you. Some here think that public transportation is the key to drawing here in Chicago. That obviously works for the cubs probably because of the party atmosphere and area that their park is in. The Sox do have accessible public transportation but I really think that market is covered already by the cubs. The untapped market which I have mentioned before is the suburbanites that dont want to come into the city. There are a lot of people out in the burbs that wont come into the city. A centrally located suburban location I have always thought would attract this untapped fan base. The next shot for this will be 2026 unless the cubs are not bluffing, which I think they are.
Very true, I'm going back a long time but my wife was from Northbrook, when I started dating her in 1969, her and her family had no idea where Comiskey Park was. Our 4th date was to Comiskey, the day that men walked on the moon for the first time. She promised to be a Sox fan from that day on so I married her in October.
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