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Originally Posted by jdm2662 View Post
Some people are never going to get it. 20,000 aren't just going to wake up and flock to the ballpark. If advanced ticket sales are very low, you aren't going to get a lot of people.

There was a game in early April on a Sunday a coupe of years ago. There was no lake breeze, either. 23K was the announced attendance. Sure, the nice day attracted SOME people (like myself and wife), but the park wasn't magically going to be full. In 2007, the Sox lost 90 games, but drew 2.7K. Those tickets were sold in advance. It's really not that hard to grasp. Since Sox tickets are so easy to get, I have no motivation to buy tickets in advance.
.....and yet, this will assuredly keep coming up here again and again: "Hey, the Sox were winning last year and the fans still didn't show up! What else do you want the Sox to do!" One playoff appearance (and one lone playoff win) in the last 7 seasons since the 2006 attendance high point and people stubbornly want to keep clinging to the falsehood that Sox fans won't even support a winner.

Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Because the team hasn't been nearly as good since, either.
Yep, a bunch of seasons in a row where the Sox get hot in June and July before finally finishing in 2nd or 3rd isn't going to make them more competitive at the ticket window. At least they showed heart and stuck around in 1st until September last year, but it still isn't a good way to win over the Chicago market.
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