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This about sums up my feelings as well.

Originally Posted by DickAllen72 View Post
This is typical of this organization. Why does there always have to be some negative petty BS surrrounding this team every year?

Ozzie used to insult the fans and embarass the organization year after year yet Reinsdorf wouldn't let KW fire him and they only got rid of him after he decided to quit on the team with a year to go on his contract so he could take an offer for more money.

Reinsdorf took Hawk out of the TV booth and made him the GM because he thought he knew so much. He was terrible and quit after a year of failure yet they bring him back as their play by play guy. The guy becomes an unlistenable characture of himself, becomes the punchline of jokes and drives his partners away because of his huge ego, pettiness and mean streak and yet they'd rather lose a respected professional baseball analyst than let Hawk "retire."

Reinsdorf's misplaced loyalties along with the Sox' poor PR keeps this team from becoming a true first class major market franchise.