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Default Rick Hahn on Chicago Tonight

GM Rick Hahn was on WTTW tonight on Chicago Tonight talking about the upcoming season.

I thought it was an interesting interview and it was nice to get some exposure to the new catalyst at the helm.

Key poinnts of the interview:

The interviewer asked what is the most exciting part of being the GM.

Hahn stated that he would have to experience some of the wins and losses before he could properly answer that question. He then continued to speak about his "plan" for the team. He stated that not as many opportunites came up as he expected. Regardless of this, he said that he is not done yet and if a move presents itself it will be made.

The intereviewer asked Hahn about the crucial move "he did not make" in letting AJ Pierzynski go to Texas.

Hahn responded by saying that we had a few players with expiring contracts like Peavy, Youkilis and AJ and that they considered potential replacements for all and came to the conclusion that Jake was an ace and would be the hardest to replace. He then noted that Flowers was waiting behind AJ. He made some interesting comments on Tyler Flowers. Hahn said that when the Sox acquired Flowers he was "one of the best hitting catchers in the minor leagues." He also referred to Flowers as a more defensive player now who has garnished the respect of pitchers on the staff.

He also said that AJP has a special place in his heart as he does with many White Sox fans.

The interviewer later asked about the lack of attendence despite the winning season.

RH first said that the front office looked into why people came to the park and why people did not go to the park. Hahn also reminded viewers that they lowered 83% of tickets, made parking cheaper and made Sunday family plans for families to hopefully fill more seats.

The interviewer asked if Kenny played a similar role as Theo Epstein with the Cubs.

Hahn responded by saying that he manages all the day-to-day operations and plays the normal role of a GM but he always has Kenny there to help. RH also made sure he noted that Kenny still has an important role in player devlopment and scouting.

The interviewer asked why Hahn never accepted any offers he received from other clubs.

RH responded by speaking very highly of Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf. Saying that they took a great chance on him and he has an obligation to them and this city. RH also told her that he loves working for Kenny and Jerry so close to home. He even went as far as saying that he does not know if he would get the same satisfaction from a championship with another team as he did with the Sox in 2005.

The interviewer asked whether RH grew up as a Sox or Cubs fan.

Hahn laughed and said he grew up in Winetka (North Side) and was a Cubs fan. He quickly joked that he also watched Michael Jackson music videos when he was a twelve year old, so things change.

Hahn really showed that he is a well-versed, calculated man.

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