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Very odd article. While I noticed things were bad between Stone and Hawk in the last month of last year, for him to admit they were bad for the last year and a half is a revalation, and is more serious than a simple meeting at Soxfest will solve. Hawk implies that somebody found the light switch for chemistry and they will simply flick it back on on April 1. Huh?

The second issue that should make broadcasts cringeworthy, is that Hawk and Stone are expected to convey the fun atmosphere of the ballpark through their telecast. This implies that Hawk will limit Yaz stories in favor of commenting on five year olds playing with their nacho helmets....your what hurts?

I think all this does is confirm the fact that Stone is out when his contract is up at the end of the year. Hawk, regrettably, goes nowhere. Keep your eyes on the fill ins for Stoney when he takes his mid season breaks. Not saying whether I'd like him or not, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rowand is given a shot based on his reception at Soxfest.
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