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Originally Posted by bestkosher View Post
My question is with Theo's plans, is how does his plan not make him the Royals or Pirates. They have a great prospects year after year and top picks year after year. Great talent in the farm but never do anything with it. Theo has done a Masterful job of marketing his plan but in the end you need a good mix of veteran and youth and right now it is mostly youth he is building his future on.
Big difference is the market and payroll. The Royals, for example, actually graduated a lot of talent. Where would that team have been if was able to keep together Dye-Damon-Beltran etc. They keep graduating quality players, and seeing them go.

The Cubs, as much as I hate it, seem to be a pretty premier destination for a free agent. Big Market, a ton of national coverage, huge crowds, great city. With a new Wrigley Field, they should be able to keep home grown talent locked up and spend to add additional players.
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