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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
No question about it. When the Cubs make a move like this, it's regarded as a stroke of genius. If the Sox had made a similar move, they would be declared idiots.

Over the last two summers, the Cubs have dealt four established MLB starters (Dempster, Maholm, Feldman, Garza) for packages of ifs and maybes. Could it work? Sure. It could also fail miserably. I'm just a bit baffled that so many of the writers in this town are convinced each move the Cubs make is going to prove to be brilliant over the long haul. We don't know that yet and we won't know it for years.
Agree - I don't see the great haul here for the Cubs, after I analyze it. Fading top prospect (been there, done that), a #5, possibly #4 starter, and A ball pitchers. Not what I'm looking for for Peavy.

The Cubs probably have a better roster...of course the Sox have been competitive for the last few years too. As for Theo's approach, I don't see how it differs from the Royals. Who are the studs on their ML roster? Rizzo? Uh, okay. Samardzijia? I see 3 equivalents on the Sox and one clearly better. Russel in the pen? He's pretty good. Castro - 3rd year slump. If these team wins in 2015 proceeding on this tract, fantastic for them. I know that a lot of people like this process of building teams....I just don't think it has a high success rate.
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