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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
I don't doubt there is some or a lot of truth to this statement. I'm sure back in the 1920s people maybe did feel like they were honoring Native Americans by naming their teams after them, but times change. At the same time it was OK to name your high school the Redskins, it was probably OK to call an African-American man on the street a "Negro." Things change, the path of human history is always moving toward being more accepting and more respectful towards other people.

The fact that you just compared Native Americans to bears, birds, or rodents really underscores the argument against your case.

That is such a god damn cop out. Sometimes, people want certain things done simply because they're right. Do you think the majority of baseball players, fans, or owners wanted Jackie Robinson to break the color barrier in 1947? Do you think he was welcomed with open arms at every opposing city? No, he was hated, by white folks who felt he was destroying the "tradition" of their pure game.

I think it's an awfully slippery slope to start saying Team A, B, and C are honoring Native Americans in a tasteful manner but Team X, Y, and Z are being totally racist. It doesn't seem to hurt that the teams you root for are all "tasteful," either.
I'm not going to touch this with a ten foot pole.

I'll end with the fact that I have already stated my opinions on this matter several times in this thread. No point in going around in circles with it.

I'll also say that I respect your opinion on this matter as well as the opinions of my fellow boardmembers in this thread.