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Originally Posted by Red Barchetta View Post
While enjoying a few cold ones last night at a local sports pub, I was watching about 8 MLB games in progress. First, it was funny watching both Humber and Buehrle pitch for new teams.

The other thing I noticed ,and a few of us were talking about, were the new Houston Astros uniforms. I personally like their new uniforms and think they are 100% better than their last set while still honoring their past with the blue/orange color combo.

Anyway, with the Astros getting better uniforms and other teams recently improving theirs; i.e. Blue Jays, Mets and Orioles to name a few, I think we may be in the "Golden Era" of MLB uniforms.

With the exception of the Miami Marlins, all the other teams seem to have gotten it right, even though some teams like the Rays and Padres are pretty generic. At least for the time being.

I would still like to see the Brewers return to their Robin Yount era uniforms and the Angels to return to their Rod Carew era uniforms.
My thoughts:
I would add the Diamondbacks to the list of generic/uninteresting uniform sets. I liked their original uniform design (minus the goofy colors). They currently wear a black alternate with their original "A" logo, I think. That's my favorite one.
I also very much like the Cardinals' decision this year to go back to the all-red caps and helmets on the road as well as at home. A navy blue hat for a team called the Cardinals never made sense to me.
The Rangers need to stop the schizophrenic red/blue thing--pick one and go with it--preferably blue. Also, ditch the annoying name/number font. Same goes for Cincy, Milwaukee, and Seattle on their dark blue alternates.
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