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Originally Posted by kruzer31 View Post
Lets be honest here, it doesn't matter if we lose Morel. He can't hit and has the slowest bat in the majors. Sorry, someone had to say it.

His bat isn't extremely quick, but it's definitely not slow enough to even put it in discussion for slowest bat in the Majors. He has a pretty decent swing actually. If you're judging from last year, he was playing though extreme pain where he couldn't cut lose on a swing and messed up his mechanics in the process. He was basically just trying to put the bat on the ball. He could barely hit a line drive.

Morel would be a very fringe starter offensively at 3B and his defense could possibly keep him in a starting role. If you don't agree, look at Crede's numbers. He didn't have a good offensive season until 2006. But what I was getting at, Morel would be a plus bat off the bench. Trying to make him more versatile is a great idea.
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