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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post

Is this really necessary? Is this is what it's come down to, where a poster on WSI can't take a playful poke at the Cubbies without getting scolded?
It's funny how this works. There are people on this site that are concerned with it's "image" and how it displays itself to, I don't know, the rest of the internet? Other baseball fans? Not really sure. But it's part of the reason why certain discussions can't take place here or why things are moved or deleted or whatever.

So it's amusing to me while they're sure to clamp down on other things, maintaining and allowing the behavior that backs up the stereotypical White Sox fan problem with their inferiority complex in dealing with the Cubs and, at the same time mind you, complain about being perceived as having such a problem, they don't seem to see the connection going on there. Oh well.
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