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Originally Posted by SOXSINCE'70 View Post
I know this has nothing to do with the thread (sorry),but IIRC, the Tribe acquired Baby Ruth (AKA Jason Kubel).
He can hit barely .200 against all teams BUT THE SOX. He'll hit a robust.600 against the South Siders .At least it seems like it.
It does seem like it. But he's only hitting .274 for his career against the Sox in 81 games, with a 22 home runs and three triples, though. Kubel had a lot of big hits that stand out.

I've had Tigers fans tell me Joe Crede hit great against the Tigers, but it was only .274 with 25 home runs in 93 games. The walk-offs loomed large in his Tiger-killer legend. I was on the 405 in Anaheim driving back to Arizona after a Sox win that featured a Ron Karkovice home, perhaps in 1993, and the announcers were talking about Karkovice always being a big Angels killer. He went on to hit .216 for his career against the Angels with 8 home runs in 76 games.
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