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Originally Posted by RadioheadRocks View Post
Everyone said the same thing when the Tribune Company, Dallas Green, Jim Frey, Larry Himes, Ed Lynch, Andy McPhail and Jim Hendry took over the front office. Meanwhile the parade goes on...
The parade of ineptitude has gone on, I'll grant you that. However the combination of Tribune ownership and the yuppification of Lake View and surrounding communities has resulted in a Chicago area that tilts decidedly towards the Cubs, when pre Reinsdorf allegiances were much closer to 50/50. Believe it or not for almost two decades it was a Sox town. So if, and it's a very big if, Theo and Co are able to reverse decades of failure it will not bode well for the Sox. I agree with Dan H. The Sox organization has appeared to be directionless in recent years. Hopefully Hahn brings his A+ game because his A game might not be good enough.
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