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Originally Posted by Golden Sox View Post
I keep being told that small market teams like Cleveland and Pittsburgh don't have the money to compete with the big market teams. Pittsburgh and Cleveland just spent millions of dollars on Liriano and Swisher. Either these teams really are making money or they spend their money foolishly. I wouldn't want either Liriano or Swisher on my team, especially for the type of money they just signed for.
It's also possible that teams really are making money and are spening their money foolishly.

Swisher benefited from hitting in the Yankees lineup, although he leaves the Yankees at a point where their lineup is more questionable than it's been in a while. It wasn't just the other hitters in the lineup, but it involved a sharp attitude adjustment that comes with playing for the Yankees, which, for a player like Swisher, involves fading into the background.

Swisher made out like a bandit in his Indians contract. I was thinking that whoever signed Swisher this offseason was going to get quite a bit less than expected. Maybe his father's ties to the organization, for whom he managed in the minors many years ago, will make a difference.

Against the White Sox, I would rather see Nick Swisher playing right for the Indians than Sin-Shoo Choo.
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