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Originally Posted by Brewski View Post
If I was looking for someone to run my business and I saw that on a resume, I would likely conclude that the individual didn't know how to run a business.
Except that JR is one of the sharpest, shrewdist business people around. The guy is a self made multimillionair.

There are ways to make money even if you aren't drawing three million fans or winning 95 games a season. I think the Sox have been doing it for years and agree with Noneck. I don't think JR and the board will like drawing say 1.8 million fans and winning 70 games, but they'll find a way to either break even or make some profit regardless.

The Sox won't be having this 118 million dollar payroll forever. I'd guess it will be down to about 98 by August 1st.

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