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Originally Posted by DeadMoney View Post
And...? Does anyone seriously think a different manager would've been able to correct this mess?

Most of the pitching aside, the MLB roster is atrocious (and don't even get me started on our prospects). Heck, even with the pitching, I tend to think that there's only a handful of guys on this roster that other teams would be interested in having at the price we're paying.

As for Robin making these comments, he probably deserves some criticism for this. What changes can he make? With the exception of sending Dunn off with a one-way ticket to anywhere-but-here, what can he do?

Oh, and as for the prospects I mentioned let's look at the offensive guys from our Top 10 - according to BP - and Jared Mitchell as a fun toss-in...
1.OF Courtney Hawkins (A+) .177/.247/.456 45 Ks
2.OF Trayce Thompson (AA) .227/.352/.386 35 Ks
3.IF Carlos Sanchez (AAA) .215/.297/.262 21 Ks
7.CF Keenyn Walker (AA) .195/.323/.256 45 Ks
10. 1B Keon Barnum (Rk) .279/.347/.512 13 Ks
OF Jared Mitchell (AAA/AA) .149/.318/.224 31 Ks
Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine!

It's evident with Hawkins, Thompson, Walker, Barnum, and Mitchell that the Sox drafting philosophy shifted to high-ceiling, raw, prospects from sign-able, low ceiling pitchers. It's the Sox dumb luck that none of them have panned out (yet), but it's too early to tell with some of them. Barnum was doing pretty well until he was injured. I'm not sure what happened with Hawkins. It looks like he took a big step back from last year.

What I don't get is how the Sox end up with the same type of position player - whether drafting from the collegiate ranks, high school, or internationally. They seem to have an uncanny ability to find players that don't hit for average, have low OBP, and strike out too much. It's incredible to me that KW couldn't have 'lucked' into even a slightly above average hitter never mind a "star."

Is this a by-product of where we have been drafting for the last 5-6 years (towards the bottom third)? Have we been focused too much on pitching in the later rounds at the expense of position players? Or is our player development really that awful?

Since 2008, here are the Sox first few picks:

'08 - Beckham, Morel
'09 - Mitchell, Phegley, Trayce Thompson
'10 - Sale, Petricka, Reed
'11 - Walker, K. Johnson, Soptic
'12 - Hawkins, Barnum

BTW - we took Mitchell two picks ahead of Mike Trout.

I'm not blaming Ventura even though I hated the hire. I think he's done a decent job. I'm not even blaming the players. They're just not very good. 99% of this is on Kenny Williams, our minor league instructors, and our scouts.

I think Hahn has a tougher job than even Theo.
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