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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
Is this a by-product of where we have been drafting for the last 5-6 years (towards the bottom third)? Have we been focused too much on pitching in the later rounds at the expense of position players? Or is our player development really that awful?

Since 2008, here are the Sox first few picks:

'08 - Beckham, Morel
'09 - Mitchell, Phegley, Trayce Thompson
'10 - Sale, Petricka, Reed
'11 - Walker, K. Johnson, Soptic
'12 - Hawkins, Barnum

BTW - we took Mitchell two picks ahead of Mike Trout.

I'm not blaming Ventura even though I hated the hire. I think he's done a decent job. I'm not even blaming the players. They're just not very good. 99% of this is on Kenny Williams, our minor league instructors, and our scouts.

I think Hahn has a tougher job than even Theo.
Drafts seem so much easier in hindsight. Thirteen players picked ahead of Mike Trout haven't made it to the majors yet, and a few might not make it. At least a couple are no longer with the organization that drafted them. One was still pitching in Modesto (Class A) last year and couldn't get hitters out consistently. I don't recall fans complaining that the Sox didn't take Trout on draft day, but maybe that's an instance of bad memory.

The year the White Sox drafted Frank Thomas, the Cardinals and Phillies selected outfielders who never made it to the majors with picks before the White Sox. The Cubs that year picked after the Sox with the eighth pick, taking an outfielder who never made it to the majors. If the Cubs had finished behind the Cardinals in 1988 (the Cubs won 77, the Cardinals 76), Frank Thomas may have starred with the Cubs and . Or maybe not. Maybe the Cubs were so high on Earl Cunningham that they would have taken him if Frank Thomas was still available.

It isn't like the White Sox are the only team getting the draft wrong. Most teams are getting the draft wrong most of the time, with a few exceptions here and there.
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