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Originally Posted by Boondock Saint View Post
Oh come on. They just went to the World Series, and replaced a decent DH with a long time Sox killer who just came off of a .313 season. Nobody's giving up, but let's not pretend that Torii Hunter is going to suck all of a sudden just because.
They were just one year removed from a world series going into '08 and had just acquired Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis. Panic galore at WSI! Same ****, different day. A team w/the 7th best record in the AL sneaking into the world series is not very impressive; sorry, but I'm not worried by the signing of a 38 year old who in my opinion will be very average. I personally would have stuck w/Delmon Young, given their ages and the breakout potential of Young versus the inevitable decline of Hunter.

Also, gauging a player's value strictly by what they did last season, especially at age 37, is asinine. Dombrowski should know better, but hey! what the ****, it's not his money. My guess is Dirks or Boesch will platoon w/Hunter by June 1st. His .313 last season means nothing, it was his last hurrah, an outlier. I'm just relieved that we didn't sign him.
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