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Originally Posted by JB98 View Post
Am I the only Sox fan not bothered by this move?

Go ahead, Detroit. Sign some more old guys.
You're not, even if you and I may find ourselvelves in the same minority on that point.

I really don't know that spending money will win teams championships. The teams that spent money going into last last season, for the most part, didn't have the seasons fans expected. The Angels finished third in their division, behind a first-place team notorious for not spending money. The Angels' late charge wasn't sparked by the big-money veterans.

Maybe the Tigers spent money wisely in signing Hunter. Time will tell. But what I expect from Hunter is what I expected from the young developing talent the Tigers could be holding back. I don't expect Berry to play as well in the future as he did in 2012, but I don't know that Hunter improves the Tigers as much as the contract would seem to demand. I would be surprised if he has a big offensive season playing for the Tigers. It isn't like he will beg a substantial boost if the Tigers hit him ahead of Cabrera because he was hitting ahead of Pujols last season.

Hunter isn't really any more a "Sox killer" than Delmon Young, who had an awful lot of big hits for hte Tigers in 2012. And Cabrera and Fielder were playing out of their minds offensively. I don't know if Hunter, Cabrera and Fielder will repeat their 2012 levels in 2013.

A couple of winters ago, it was the Red Sox signing Carl Crawford that was supposed to translate into championships.
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