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Originally Posted by Noneck View Post
Not bored at all and btw I hope you had a nice one today. Now my turn to put some to sleep.

Mid to late 60's my mother worked near belmont and clark so my father would pick her up from work. Sometimes I would go with him. On occasion if traffic was good my dad would stop at Henrys across from cubs park to get a shake. Sometimes we used to just drive around the park, when games werent being played. On occasion there were houses on waveland or sheffield for sale and the old man used to always say "Who the hell would want to live across the street from this park". I asked how much those houses cost, he said maybe 20-25k but he wouldnt give them 10. A keen eye for real estate the old man had.
Your dad would not have been the only one, who would have thunk it.
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