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Originally Posted by chisoxfanatic View Post
I went to Wrigley last Tuesday for some staff bonding (boss gave all of us free tickets), and I could've sworn that everyone there could've fit in the infield seats on the lower deck. Huge swaths of empty seats were present, including some full sections. There were some people wearing Marlins gear too.

I saw a highlight on, which showed the grand slam by Lake on Friday against the Brew. I had to rewind and pause the video a couple of times because I could not believe what I was seeing. As he rounded third, the camera shot was looking from the upper deck first base side towards the third base side, and I could see almost the whole upper and lower deck on that side. It was so empty, it reminded me of some of the games I remember going to as a little kid in the late 70's and early 80's, before the 1984 explosion. I remember the upper deck actually being closed on some of those days. I could not believe I was seeing Wrigley Field, and a sunny, warm, Friday afternoon, and it looked like may a few thousand people combined upper and lower decks, at least on that side of the park.
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